Metal Carport Vs Metal Garage – Which Is Best For You?

Although carports and garages do the same basic job (being somewhere to store your vehicle when you’re not using it), they offer very different advantages and disadvantages. The main difference between a carport vs. a garage is the type of building they are: A carport is an open structure with no more than three walls […]

Metal Building Windows Leaking? 5 Ways To Fix It For Good

Is there anything more frustrating than discovering a puddle of water inside your metal building? Unfortunately, leaks do happen. What’s more, they can lead to problems like rust, mildew, and bug infestations — all of which decrease a metal structure’s lifespan and value. And don’t forget about the damage that window leaks can cause to […]

How to Prepare Your Site for a Metal Building Installation

After deciding to purchase a new metal carport or steel building, your mind naturally starts exploring all the exciting ways to make it your own. But don’t get carried away just yet! Your next job should be to make sure the site is correctly prepared for your metal building installation. Job site preparation for your […]

4 Benefits Of A Metal Carport & Shed Combo On Your Property

So you’re thinking about installing a metal carport to keep your vehicle safe from the elements? Great! But have you considered taking that idea to the next level? Not sure what that would look like?  How about a carport and shed combo to provide all the benefits of a metal carport plus the utility of […]