4 Benefits of A Metal Carport & Shed Combo on Your Property

So you’re thinking about installing a metal carport to keep your vehicle safe from the elements? Great! But have you considered taking that idea to the next level? How about a carport and shed combo to provide all the benefits of a metal carport plus the utility of extra storage space that a shed provides? […]

How much do metal buildings really cost? A guide for buyers

Building a metal home can be complicated, and working out how much a metal building costs can sometimes be confusing. This comprehensive guide for first-time buyers will help you work out how much a metal building costs and what you need to consider when developing a steel structure budget. How much do metal buildings cost? […]

The Incredible Value Of Using Metal Buildings For Business

A gray prefab metal building, showing why using metal buildings for business is a good choice.

Prefab metal buildings are an excellent choice for any commercial construction project.  The benefits of steel lend itself well to standard commercial buildings like an office or warehouse. But, using metal buildings for business use cases can work wonders for a much more extensive range of buildings.  Prefab metal buildings can be ideal for: Factories […]

Pole Barn vs. Steel Building – Which Is Best For Your Needs?

A steel building surrounded by green grass and trees, showing steel's strength in a pole barn vs. steel building comparison.

If you’re building a new barn, outhouse, garage or stable, chances are you’re wrestling with an important question: which construction materials should I use? Like many before you, you’re probably weighing the benefits of a pole barn vs. a metal building. On the one hand, you have an icon of the American tradition: the pole […]

6 Surprising Benefits Of Steel Buildings For Your Property

One of California All Steel's metal buildings that displays all the benefits of steel buildings for property.

Wood or concrete is often the immediate choice for residential and commercial builds. But metal — and more specifically, steel — is a strong contender, too. Metal was first used in construction way back in the 1800s, where it was favored for its strength, durability, and cost. However, depending on your project objectives, there are […]

How to Build a Metal Workshop That Protects Your Stuff

A metal workshop is a perfect place to rekindle your love for a favorite hobby. It’s also perfect freeing up space in your garage and home since you can store equipment and other valuables. A custom-designed workspace specific to your projects will increase both productivity and enjoyment. Building a workshop takes planning, but it doesn’t […]

Carport vs. Garage: 5 Things To Know Before You Decide

A steel carport recently installed by California All Steel. Good to see when considering carport vs. garage

You’ve no doubt considered the carport vs. garage decision when you need extra space. While similar, both types of structures have benefits and drawbacks that are worth considering before you invest time and money into building it on your property. In this blog post, we’ll discuss 5 things to consider as you weigh out the […]

How To Install a Carport On Your Property

A steel carport is an excellent addition to any home or property. Versatile and affordable, carports offer homeowners or business owners many benefits.  A well-built carport can protect your vehicle from the elements and harsh weather conditions. The sun, hailstorms, wind, and rain can all damage your vehicle and lead to costly repairs.  Carports make […]