7 Ways Choosing Metal For Your Building Saves You Money

Steel buildings are designed to be long-lasting and low-maintenance. These metal constructions are just more cost-effective than conventional building materials. Simple, prefabricated steel building kits ensure that you save money both during construction and after the structure is completed.

For a good reason, steel structures dominate the commercial and industrial markets. Metal structures have obviously been recognized for their cost-saving features, accounting for more than 65 percent of the commercial sector and 95 percent of the industrial industry. But what precisely are such characteristics?

Knowing how steel structures save you money can help you feel more confident in your decision to build your next project out of this prefabricated, sturdy metal. Even if you are already aware of some of the cost-saving benefits of steel building construction, you may discover that there are some unexpected benefits on this list that will motivate you even more to construct your next building from prefabricated steel.

1. Lower Insurance Rates for Steel Structures

Steel constructions outperform other construction materials in terms of resistance to severe winds, earthquakes, snow, heavy rains, termites, wood ants, vermin, fire, lightning, and mold. As a result, most insurance companies provide significant savings on premiums for structures constructed with commercial-grade steel.

2. Big Energy Savings with High-Grade Insulation

Steel buildings are more energy-efficient than wood, concrete, or masonry. Using advanced insulation techniques, building owners can substantially decrease heating and cooling costs. Steel framing with spray-in foam insulation is a proven technology that provides high-performance insulation, excellent air sealing, and lower air infiltration than conventional insulation.

3. Minimal Maintenance Costs

Iron and steel are highly durable and resistant to rust, mold, mildew, and rot. Consequently, the cost of maintenance is much lower in a steel building.

4. Easy, Onsite Assembly

Pre-engineered steel buildings are designed to be assembled onsite by qualified contractors. Without the need for extra labor, onsite erection takes less time than traditional construction. It also means that there is little to no disruption to ongoing business operations.

5. Steel Buildings Retain Their Value Longer

Properly built steel buildings can last two to three times longer than other types of construction. This means that the return on investment on a steel building is much higher than on a brick, block, or wood building. Your building will last longer with steel, so you won’t need to replace it as often.

6. Minimal Post-Construction Debris

Steel buildings are built onsite and take less time than other types of buildings to construct. As steel buildings are lighter in weight than other types of construction, they leave less debris to clean up when construction is complete.

7. Less Concrete Used

Using prefabricated steel buildings means using less concrete and creating stronger structures. While traditionally framed buildings require significant time and effort to pour concrete slab foundations, steel buildings require much less time and energy to apply and cure.


The return on investment that comes with steel building construction can be seen in lower insurance rates, reduced maintenance costs, and increased longevity. All of these perks make for a much more substantial investment and a building that will truly last the test of time. If you consider a steel building, know that using concrete and steel will maximize your savings and make your investment pay off.

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