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We deliver and install throughout California, Oregon, Washington, border line cities in Idaho and Nevada.
Absolutely, you can install our buildings yourself (No instructions provided). Although we do not charge for delivery or installation on your level land. You can pick up the materials or we can deliver the materials for those customers who would prefer DIY projects.
We contact all customers 1-3 days prior to installation.

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The customer(s) is responsible for any permit(s) that are required in the area. The best place to find out if a permit is required would be at your local county and/or city building department. Professional licensed engineered plans are available at an additional cost.

Please contact our office for cost.

Most of our products are assembled in a day. In some cases, it may take two days depending upon the size of the building. Larger buildings may take up to a week.
Yes, it is very normal for this structure to build up condensation, so we do recommend going with our vertical roof style and adding our vapor barrier.
Most of the time we can expect for your building not to leak. If you are buying a structure longer than 31’ long, we highly recommend the vertical roof to prevent any leaks. Also please keep in mind we DO NOT SEAL THE BASE RAIL, so it is normal to have water under base rail. For this we recommend for the customer to seal the base rail after installation.
Because the way our buildings are designed you will be able to see some light coming in where the side panels come together with the end panels. We do offer foam strips at an additional cost to prevent this from occurring.
The key to a successful installation of any of our products is to make sure that our product is installed on a leveled, squared surface. We do not perform any site preparation or do any concrete work.

We offer insulation services at an additional cost.

• Site preparation is very important for a good installation. As a reminder we are not responsible for any site prep. Below are a few steps that will help with building installation:
• Mark all underground lines if any on or around site area.
• Land must be squared and leveled. Call for more details.
• Minimum workspace of 2-3ft around entire structure.
• When overhead power lines are involved, a minimum of 10 ft is needed, or power lines must be completely shut off.

12 Gauge Tubing – 2-1/4” *20-year limited warranty on rust through framing assuming normal care and maintenance. See contract for details.

Roof Styles – Upgrade to our residential style roofs; A-Frame Horizontal or A-Frame Vertical

Extra Trusses – Concerned about snow? Add extra trusses to increase your Snow PSF rating. Also ask about our certified buildings. (Plans require to certify a building.)

Larger Braces – Depending on width and height of structure, braces size will vary to keep your building strong and stable.

California All Steel Carports warrants for a period of 20 years from the date of completion of Installation, against rust through on the framing only assuming normal care and maintenance on 12-gauge materials. This warranty does not apply to 14-gauge materials.

All California All Steel Carports products are rated to meet your standard state codes. Any other requirements such as “extra snow load baring, weight and wind load resistance” can be met with Engineer Certification upon customer’s request. Customized buildings are always welcomed.

30 Day Workmanship Warranty comes standard with all of our 14-gauge structures
20 Year Limited Warranty on rust through frame comes standard with all of our 12-gauge structures
Assuming normal care and maintenance. Normal care and maintenance should consist of regular cleaning using mild soap and water only. We do not recommend the use of any harsh chemicals on the framing.

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Please note: there is an extra fee for additional walk-in/side garage doors. 

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