Custom Metal Buildings

At California All Steel, we specialize in custom metal buildings that are tailored to meet your unique needs. From design to installation, our team ensures your structure is built to last with the highest quality materials.


What Can You Customize?

You can customize every aspect of your metal building, from the size and style to the color and features, ensuring a perfect fit for your requirements.

Enhance your building’s functionality and appearance with a variety of door and window options tailored to your specific needs.

Choose from different roof styles, including A-Frame Horizontal, A-Frame Vertical, Boxed Eave, and Regular Roof Panels, to match your aesthetic and structural preferences.

Adjust the dimensions of your metal building to perfectly fit your intended use, whether it’s a compact storage shed or a spacious warehouse.

Select from a range of metal colors to personalize the look of your building and ensure it blends seamlessly with its surroundings.

Customize your access points with garage doors and roll-up doors that provide secure and convenient entry to your building.


Our Metal Buildings Are Versatile

Outdoor Storage Shed

Ideal for storing gardening tools, lawn equipment, and seasonal items.

Agricultural Metal Buildings

Designed to protect farm equipment, livestock, and feed from the elements.

Metal Workshops

Perfect for hobbyists and professionals needing a dedicated space for projects and repairs.

Carport and Residential Garages

Secure storage solutions for vehicles and recreational equipment.


A Hassle-Free Process for Your Steel Building

Step 01
Step 02
Step 03
Step 04
Step 05
Get in Touch
Find in our gallery the building that you want or an idea of what fits your needs.
Get a Free Estimate
Send in the quote request and one of our building specialists will be in touch with you and will help you customize your building and answer any questions about the process.
Place an Order
Place an Order for the building designed.
We fabricate your building, right here in the US.
Schedule Delivery
We schedule a day and time for building installation.


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