Metal Building Windows Leaking? 5 Ways To Fix It For Good

Is there anything more frustrating than discovering a puddle of water inside your metal building?

Unfortunately, leaks do happen. What’s more, they can lead to problems like rust, mildew, and bug infestations — all of which decrease a metal structure’s lifespan and value.

And don’t forget about the damage that window leaks can cause to your belongings!

The truth is, no one wants the stress that comes with leaking windows. And that’s why you need to know how to prevent metal building windows from leaking.


Here are five ways to prevent metal building windows from leaking — before it happens!

Start with a high-quality metal building kit.

To prevent metal building windows from leaking, you need to start with a custom-designed, high-quality kit.

Researching high-quality metal building kits before you purchase a metal structure is one of the most important steps to take in preventing future leaks.

And most importantly, never compromise on quality for the sake of saving money!

A cheaper metal building kit is likely going to force you to spend more money in the long run.


Well, with a lower-quality metal building kit, you run the risk of having to pay out for regular repairs. You also increase the risk of exposing your building’s contents to water damage.

Once water gets into your metal structure via a window leak, it’s very difficult to revert the damage. And then you’ll need to spend money to fix a problem that shouldn’t have happened in the first place!

On the other hand, higher-quality metal building kits come with all kinds of weatherproofing features that help to prevent metal building windows from leaking.

Here at California All Steel Carports, our metal building kits are of the highest quality. All of our structures are designed to withstand heavy wind, rain, and snow.

So you can rest easy knowing your metal building kit won’t result in a window leak further down the line!

Make sure screws are installed correctly.

Making sure your metal building is constructed and installed correctly is crucial to preventing future leaks.

In particular, you should double-check that all screws are being installed the correct way.

But what is the right way to install screws in a metal building?

Well, the screws must make contact with the sheeting rails (known as purlins and girts). If the screw misses the sheeting rails, the washer won’t seal properly. And what’s the eventual result of a washer that isn’t properly sealed? That’s right! A dreaded window leak.

Your screws also need to be tightened properly. If your metal building screws are not tightened enough — or overtightened — the washer won’t seal correctly. Eventually, this will cause a leak.

You also need to make sure that your screws are drilled in straight. If the screws that attach the wall and roof panels are crooked, you can be sure that water will find its way into the structure!

Whether you decide to hire a professional service or install the building yourself, make sure your screws are installed correctly. Doing so will save you the headache of having your building windows leak in the future!

Invest in proper insulation

So, what’s next?

Proper insulation!

Proper insulation of your metal building will help to regulate temperature. So, in colder seasons, your metal structure will retain heat. In warmer temperatures, the building will stay nice and cool.

Without proper insulation, the temperature variations of your building will create condensation.

Condensation happens all the time. It’s the dew you see on the grass in the morning or the fog on your bathroom mirror after you take a steaming shower.

But while condensation is a natural process, it can mean trouble for your metal building.

If enough condensation builds up inside your metal building, this can result in a leak. And leaks can lead to serious problems like rust and mold — which significantly decrease the lifespan and value of your metal building!

But proper insulation will help to prevent this. It will also make your metal building a more habitable space, especially in colder temperatures. So if you use your metal structure as a store or office, installing insulation will make the building more comfortable, too.

And let’s not forget the money you’ll save on heating costs. Good insulation will keep heat inside your building, so you’ll spend less time and money heating it!

It’s a no-brainer: good insulation helps to prevent leaks. But what materials should you use to insulate your steel structure?

Commonly used insulation types for metal buildings include batt, rigid board, spray foam, loose-fill, and fiberglass.

Want to learn more about quality insulation for metal buildings? Check out our informative blog post, Steel Building Insulation: Best Practices & Materials.

Manage humidity levels

It’s normal for metal buildings to generate condensation. So, on top of investing in proper insulation, it’s a good idea to try and manage humidity levels.

Managing humidity levels involves keeping condensation levels as low as possible. It greatly reduces the risk of metal building windows leaking, so it is a crucial step to consider in preventing future leaks.

To help manage humidity levels in your metal building, we recommend choosing a vertical roof style.

A vertical roof style allows for better rain and snow runoff. This is because the panel grooves help any water run from the roof’s center to the sides.

A horizontal roof style can collect more water, as the panel grooves run from left to right — instead of top to bottom.

Choosing a roof that doesn’t collect water helps to manage humidity levels better. Low humidity levels decrease condensation, which significantly reduces the risk of metal building windows leaking.

Use a vapor retardant.

In addition to proper insulation, you should also consider using a vapor retardant product to prevent your metal building windows from leaking.

A vapor barrier or vapor retardant is a product that helps to increase moisture control. It provides a barrier to water vapors that can seep into walls and ultimately damage the structure.

Here at California All Steel Carports, we offer double bubble insulation. This type of insulation includes a highly effective vapor barrier for superior protection against radiant heat transfer.

In other words, our vapor retardant adds an extra layer of protection against condensation problems. As a result, our metal structure design helps to prevent leaks — before they happen!

The key to leak prevention

When you make a large purchase like a metal structure, you want to do everything you can to protect your investment.

Understanding how to prevent metal building windows from leaking before it happens will keep your metal building in tip-top condition for years to come.

So, make sure to follow the five steps above before investing in your next metal building structure. It will protect your building and its contents — and eliminate the stress of finding a leak in the future. 

If you’d like more advice on preventing leaks in your metal building or are looking to invest in a metal structure that will stand the test of time, reach out to the team at California All Steel. Our team of experienced professionals will be happy to help!

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