Metal Carport Vs Metal Garage – Which Is Best For You?

Although carports and garages do the same basic job (being somewhere to store your vehicle when you’re not using it), they offer very different advantages and disadvantages.

The main difference between a carport vs. a garage is the type of building they are:

  • A carport is an open structure with no more than three walls (often less than this) and a roof. 
  • A garage could be considered an extension of your home, regardless of whether it is attached to it or not.

So which is better for you?

Carport vs. garage – storage purposes

As mentioned, both buildings primarily store vehicles. However, a garage can be used to store so much more since it’s an enclosed room secured via a locked door.

You can keep tools, bicycles, and household appliances like freezers and washing machines in there. But if you tried storing those in a carport, it’s only a matter of time before they sprout legs and wander off.

Winner: Garage

Carport vs. garage – security

You may have already guessed which one is the winner here? Carports are a great place to store vehicles secured by their alarm system, but not so great for securing anything else.

Even when considering an enclosed carport vs. a garage, the closed carport will still be open-fronted and simply does not offer the same security level as a garage.

Winner: Garage

Carport vs. garage – cost

This is probably the critical factor for a lot of people wrestling with the carport vs. garage question. 

A traditional garage is likely to set you back around $30,000.

A metal garage won’t cost anywhere near that much thanks to the lower material and labor costs, plus the quicker build time. But, it will still set you back by much more than a metal carport.

Being a more straightforward structure, carports are made with fewer materials and require less labor. So, in terms of the cost of a carport vs. a garage, it’s a slam dunk round for the carport.

Winner: Carport

Carport vs. garage – protection from the elements

How safe is your stuff from weather damage in a carport vs. a garage? 

It’s closer than you might think, as carports offer excellent protection from the elements. But garages just edge them out by virtue of their extra wall.

Winner: Garage

Carport vs. garage – planning permission

This factor can go overlooked by some people, but it is well worth considering. Planning permission can prolong the time and inflate the cost of your build quite considerably.

Metal carports, like all carports, do not require planning permission. They are classified as ‘permitted development.’

Garages, on the other hand, do require planning permission. They also need to comply with building codes and other regulations — all of which your builder can help you with, but it does all add up once you get the final bill…

Winner: Carport

Carport vs. garage – ventilation

There’s no ventilation like natural ventilation, and a carport certainly has plenty of that! 

Garages, even metal ones, can get stuffy. But even in the height of summer, your carport will remain well ventilated and much cooler than any garage.

Winner: Carport

Carport vs. garage – value

Both are great value solutions: a carport offers a lot of utility for a much lower cost while investing more money in a garage gives you plenty more options. It can even add value to your home!

Winner: Both

The right choice for you?

As we’ve seen, there are pros and cons to each storage solution. So your personal winner in the carport vs. garage problem will be determined by what’s most important to you.

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