More parking spaces.

When you want to protect your vehicles and boats from rain, snow, or the sun, our metal carports are an affordable yet high-quality option. Made from pre-engineered steel, our carports are back by a 20-year warranty so you have peace of mind with all our steel buildings.

Customized Metal Carports

More parking spaces.
Free installation and delivery*

Quality Metal Carport Styles That Are Customized To Your Needs

Regular Roof Carport Style

12x21 18x21 20x21 22x21 24x21
12x26 18x26 20x26 22x26 24x26
12x31 18x31 20x31 22x31 24x31
12x36 18x36 20x36 22x36 24x36
12x41 18x41 20x41 22x41 24x41

Vertical Roof Carport Style

12x21 18x21 20x21 22x21 24x21
12x26 18x26 20x26 22x26 24x26
12x31 18x31 20x31 22x31 24x31
12x36 18x36 20x36 22x36 24x36
12x41 18x41 20x41 22x41 24x41

Boxed Eave Roof Carport Style

12x20 18x20 20x20 22x20 24x20
12x25 18x25 20x25 22x25 24x25
12x30 18x30 20x30 22x30 24x30
12x35 18x35 20x35 22x35 24x35
12x40 18x40 20x40 22x40 24x40

Structural Features Of Our Metal Carports

12 Gauge Tubing

2-1/4” *20-year limited warranty on rust through framing assuming normal care and maintenance. See contract for details.

Roof Styles

Upgrade to our residential style roofs: A-Frame Horizontal, A-Frame Vertical, Boxed Eave, Vertical Roof Styles, and Regular Roof Panel styles,

Extra Trusses

Concerned about snow? Add extra trusses to increase your Snow PSF rating. Also ask about our certified buildings. (Plans require to certify a building.)

Larger Braces

Depending on width and height of structure, braces size will vary to keep your building strong and stable. No support columns are required. 

Our Metal Carports Are Perfect For A Variety Of Uses

Metal Garages

If you need extra parking space but don’t need garage doors, our metal carports can fit single-car, double-car, or three-car garage needs.

RV Covers

If you need to store your boat or RV, we can customize our regular roof style carport or wide carport heights to fit your vehicle’s needs.

Storage Options

Adding a utility storage unit to your carport lets you keep tools, farm equipment, or valuables and keepsakes safe.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Metal Carport Buildings

We deliver and install throughout California, Oregon, Washington, borderline cities in Idaho and Nevada.
You can install our buildings yourself (No instructions provided). We do not charge for delivery or installation on level areas, only for unlevel spaces. You can pick up the materials, or we can deliver the materials to you.
Most of the time, we can expect for your building not to leak. If you are buying a structure longer than 31’ long, we highly recommend the vertical roof to prevent any leaks. Also, note that we do not seal the base rail, so it is reasonable to have water under the base rail. For this, we recommend sealing the base rail after installation.
We contact all customers 1-3 days before installation.
You will be able to see some light coming in where the side panels come together with the end panels. We do offer foam strips at an additional cost to prevent this from occurring.
The best place to find out if a permit is required would be at your local county or city building department. Professional licensed engineered plans are available at an additional cost. You are responsible for any permit(s) required in your area.
The key to a successful installation of any of our products is to make sure that our product is installed on a leveled, squared surface. We do not perform any site preparation or do any concrete work.
Most of our products are assembled in a day. In some cases, it may take two days, depending upon the size of the building. Larger buildings may take up to a week.

We add a layer that prevents condensation but we do not add fiber glass insulation.

Yes, it is very typical for this structure to build up condensation, so we do recommend going with our vertical roof style and adding our vapor barrier.


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