Steel Agricultural Buildings: Prices, Benefits, & More

Whether it’s to shelter livestock, store large farm equipment, or keep feed and produce, those working in the agricultural sector need storage space — and plenty of it!

And when it comes to storage buildings, farmers need structures that they can rely on.

This is why many farmers and ranchers take advantage of a more modern approach. They invest in steel agricultural buildings. 

Steel offers a durable, flexible, and secure option when it comes to agricultural buildings.

Need convincing? Perhaps some more information on these structures will help!

Keep reading to find out everything there is to know about steel agricultural buildings, including their prices, benefits, and more.

Benefits of steel agricultural buildings

The benefits of investing in steel agricultural buildings are endless. Some of the biggest ones include:

  • Protection against the elements
  • Can be tailored to your needs
  • Ability to expand in the future
  • Low maintenance

So, let’s explore these a little further…

Protection against the elements

A farmer and rancher would rely on wooden structures like pole barns to store and shelter farming equipment, livestock, and feed in the past. 

However, the problem with wooden farm buildings is that they often suffer damage when exposed to the elements. 

Water seeps into wood. This causes rot and mold. Eventually, this impacts the quality of the wood, which compromises the strength of the structure.

And that’s not all!

Wooden structures also attract pests like termites. When pests make these structures their home, this significantly reduces the durability of the material.

And the highest risk of investing in a wood structure is, by far, the threat of fire. The loss incurred from a fire is a devastating blow to any farmer or rancher.

Steel building designs: the safer choice

On the other hand, steel is one type of building material that isn’t impacted by the elements.

Compared to wood and other more traditional materials, steel farm buildings can withstand high winds and heavy precipitation.


During manufacturing, steel metal building kits are coated with a strong waterproof layer that doesn’t require resealing anywhere near as often as wood. This layer is durable enough to withstand damage from heavy winds, rain, and snow. 

What’s more, pests can’t burrow their way into steel. In fact, the risk of pests impacting this high-quality building material is almost zero!

Steel agricultural buildings are also fire-resistant. So, what more could you want?

Building systems tailored to your needs

Agricultural buildings need to meet a number of requirements. And as a farmer, you want a building that is tailored to these needs.

So, let’s say you need a sturdy structure that offers a large storage area for equipment like trucks, mowers, and crop dusters.

On top of square feet, you also require enough height to move your large equipment, livestock, and supplies in and out of the building with ease. 

Good news! Steel building structures are so strong they can span up to 300′ in width without the need for a single interior column. This means you can store exactly what you need without sacrificing maneuverability.

Metal buildings also come in a wide range of clear span sizes. So your steel structure can always be tailored to meet your individual needs.

Ability to expand in the future

What’s more, steel farm buildings offer the ability to expand whenever you need to.

Let’s say that you invest in a metal garage or metal barn but plan to grow your agricultural business over the next few years.

With steel, it’s possible to add another building kit to your current structure at any time. This means that investing in a metal building offers you the ability to expand with ease and total efficiency.

Let’s dig a little deeper into how this works — and why traditional wooden structures don’t offer this kind of flexibility!

Pole barn vs. clear span

A pole barn is typically constructed from wood. Wooden buildings don’t benefit from the strength of steel. They require beams or poles to support the structure. 

Beams and poles often decrease storage space and maneuverability. They also make it more difficult to expand or customize the structure. 

Metal buildings, however, can span large distances without the use of interior columns. This architectural design is known as clear span. 

A clear span design gives you the ability to expand or change the structure with no impact on the integrity of the building.

So, if you’re planning on expanding in the near future, the right choice is obvious!

Low maintenance building material

Once installed, steel structures also require little to no maintenance. 

Unlike wood, steel agricultural buildings don’t need weatherproofing. Metal buildings also don’t require roof repairs, new paint, or pest control.  

Low maintenance building material means fewer repair costs over time. And that means that you can focus your attention on the things that really matter!

Steel building pricing for farmers and ranchers

It’s no secret that the upfront price for steel agricultural buildings can be higher than wood and other more traditional building materials.

This can make steel agriculture building prices seem intimidating at first glance. However, the upfront cost definitely pays for itself.

Steel agricultural buildings require little to no maintenance, can withstand the elements, and offer incredible flexibility (both now and in the future).

So, although you’re spending more money on the building’s initial cost, you’ll save much more in the long run!

Steel building pricing and quotes

Because steel buildings can be customized to your individual needs, prices can vary.

This makes it tricky to find an estimated price for a steel structure — but not impossible!

Detailed starting prices for steel agricultural buildings can be found on the California All Steel website. This allows you to start budgeting for your dream farm building.

As a guide, prices for a 32’-40′ clear span structure start at around $4000. And custom metal red barns start at just $2,640!

Agricultural loans

Similar to equipment and other supplies, it’s possible to purchase steel agricultural buildings through an agricultural loan.

Agricultural loans come in a variety of options. You can use a line of credit, co-ops, or a payment plan.

The length of an agricultural loan can also vary. As a farmer and rancher, you can opt for a long-term, short-term, or intermediate-term loan.

But don’t forget, the length of the loan depends on the amount borrowed, the asset purchased, and your current credit score.

Farmer and rancher steel structures 

When it comes to investing in your farm or ranch, you can’t go wrong with steel agricultural buildings. 

Despite higher potential upfront costs, the low maintenance, high-quality material will minimize overhead costs and allow for customizations to suit a wide variety of agricultural storage needs.

For everything from livestock to farm equipment, why not take advantage of a safe, modern option that will keep your farm or ranch running without a hitch? If you have any further questions about steel agricultural buildings or customization options for metal farm buildings and riding arenas, get in touch with California All Steel today!

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