6 Surprising Benefits Of Steel Buildings For Your Property

Wood or concrete is often the immediate choice for residential and commercial builds. But metal — and more specifically, steel — is a strong contender, too.

Metal was first used in construction way back in the 1800s, where it was favored for its strength, durability, and cost. However, depending on your project objectives, there are many other attractive benefits of steel buildings that make it a great choice for your home or construction projects.

From surprising sustainability credentials through to faster build times, here are 6 remarkable benefits of prefabricated steel buildings, specifically metal buildings, for your yard.

1. Improved strength (and increased efficiency)

Steel is much denser than wood and concrete, so it can support more weight. It can also survive greater tension and keep its shape. This means you need less steel to achieve the desired structural support. 

As a result, steel creates a stronger, more efficient, yet lighter structure than other materials — and it’s hard to argue with that.

2. Tried-and-tested durability

Because it is so strong, steel is also amazingly durable. The fact that steel is used to build bridges should tell you all you need to know about steel’s durability.

Unlike wood or concrete, steel does not split, warp, shrink, crack or rot. It can be vulnerable to rust, but this can be avoided with a quick and easy treatment. After all, the Golden Gate Bridge is made of steel and has stood for nearly 100 years!

3. Heightened safety

When it comes to safety, the benefits of steel buildings are hard to beat. It stands up to all sorts of weather conditions, including hurricanes, earthquakes, and heavy snowfalls.

With the right coating, steel is also extremely fire-resistant — which is not the case for wood. That’s why the city of Chicago chose to reap the benefits of steel frame construction when rebuilding after The Great Chicago Fire.

4. Controlled costs

You can build more affordably with steel without sacrificing the integrity, durability, or safety of your structure. Steel is cheaper than most other building materials, too, so your budget can go further than you think.

5. Sustainability

Timber might seem like the natural choice for a sustainable building project, but did you know that a large percentage of modern steel is recycled? The steel used in your building can be utilized again and again, once it’s no longer needed.

Thanks to advanced technology and processing methods, almost no steel is wasted in modern construction. And steel companies actively assess landfill sites to find steel scraps to reuse, further reducing the industry’s environmental impact.

Steel is also easier to transport — on account of its weight. This lightness reduces the carbon footprint of each construction project. 

And if energy efficiency is an objective, you’ll see massive improvements with steel versus other materials. Heat radiates quickly from steel roofing, creating a cooler building in warm climates (and less need for A/C). In cold countries, double steel panel walls provide unparalleled insulation to retain heat. 

6. Faster build time

Steel structures can be fabricated off-site, shipped to your land, and typically assembled within the very same day.

This quick installation time avoids high labor costs or losing weeks — and even months — of your time spent building a wooden frame and concrete walls. Plus, there’s no need for temporary formwork, which only adds to the scope of your project. Instead, your build will be efficient, predictable, and delivered on budget.

Gain the benefits of steel buildings

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