A Guide to the Different Types of Carports

Because cars lose value rather than gain it, you need to take good care of them. And despite the owners’ efforts, cars can still get damaged. High winds can blow leaves into the paint, which will also corrode. Apart from that, rain and bird droppings can damage the windshield. But a carport offers an affordable solution: it keeps the car cool in the hot summer and free from snow and ice in the winter.

What Is a Carport?

A carport is an open-sided structure that covers a car. It can be attached to a house or free standing. Carports come in many styles and designs. The roof can be flat or sloped, the roof and walls can be made from different materials, the door can be up or down, and you can install windows or even small shelves. It all depends on your preference.

Common Carport Types

Here are the most common types of carport:

1. Gable Roof Carport

A gable roof is the most popular one. It is characterized by two slopes facing each other and overlapping on the ridge. This type of roof is suitable because it is easy to build and protects the car from the elements. A sloped roof is also good because it is cool in the summer and doesn’t let in the rain in the winter. The gable roof has two main advantages: sturdy and less expensive. The disadvantage is that you have to use wood for the rafters and the support beams, so you will have to pay for the wood.

2. Flat Roof Carport

A flat roof is made of a sheet of metal or plastic attached to the walls and a railing. The sheet is placed on the ground, and it’s the same as the covering on the house. The advantage of this carport is that it is less expensive than the gable one. In the summer, you will be able to park your car near your house, and you don’t have to worry about snow. The disadvantage is that you still have to use wood for the rafters, the fence, and other parts that support the sheet.

3. The Dutch Gable

This type of carport has a sloped roof that is the same width as the gable roof. The ridge sits right above the gable’s peak, and the sides lean back at a 45-degree angle. The Dutch gable is different from the gable roof because it has no vertical beams. This carport is also cheaper, but it is not as sturdy as the gable or the flat roof. The carport is easy to build, but you need a lot of lumber to cost you a lot.

4. Hip Roof Carport

A hip roof carport is also called a shed roof carport. It has four different slopes that meet at a peak. This type of carport is the sturdiest and most durable, but it is also the most expensive. A hip roof carport is the best bet if you live in a very windy area. The disadvantage of this carport is that it is difficult to build. The roof has a lot of slopes, so you need to use expensive materials.

5. Skillion Carport

This carport is like a flat roof but a slightly angled roof. It is not as sturdy as the hip roof, but it is easy to build. The roof is easy to make, and the carport can be attached to your house or free standing. Skillion roofs are cheaper than the others, but they are not as durable. It’s best to use this carport in a location that doesn’t get a lot of rain or snow.


If you want to protect your car from the elements, you can install a carport. The best type of carport depends on your preference. Some people like the gable, others like the flat or hip roofs. Whatever you choose, you should consider the best carport style for your situation.

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