How to Build a Metal Workshop That Protects Your Stuff

A metal workshop is a perfect place to rekindle your love for a favorite hobby. It’s also perfect freeing up space in your garage and home since you can store equipment and other valuables. A custom-designed workspace specific to your projects will increase both productivity and enjoyment. Building a workshop takes planning, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Organize and separate the overall project into smaller tasks and work through each one thoroughly. 

Determine your budget

First, decide how much you will spend. Whether you have the cash or are going to borrow the money determines what this is going to cost. Once you make this decision, you can narrow down your options based on what’s affordable for you.

Start with the cost of the shell of the building – framing, walls, roof, etc.. Then consider the number and style of doors and windows. What will be the cost of preparing the land and foundation? Will you have interior walls for an office? Potentially a bathroom?

It’s also important to consider whether you’ll get a prefabricated building or will build it entirely yourself. Most people choose a prefabricated building since the time to complete is shorter with little or no scrap metal at the end. 

Figure out the size of your metal workshop

Next, consider the size and dimensions of your metal workshop. If you plan on controlling the climate in your building, heating and cooling are considerations also. Visualize and sketch out how your workshop will be laid out to optimize your space. We recommend adding about 20% to your area, so you have some room for expansion in the future.

Get any necessary permits 

In most cases, you will need a permit to build anything larger than a garden shed. Zoning and building codes will dictate what you can create and where you can build it on the property. The cost varies, and the time it takes for approval can be lengthy. It’s best to check with your city or local zoning authority before investing in a metal workshop.

Plan out the foundation

After finalizing your plans for the building, it’s time to plot out the foundation. The foundation must be able to support the weight of not only the building but also its contents. That could be equipment, machinery, and vehicles. It must provide a level, stable area to secure the primary frame and fasten the building.

Building with steel potentially saves money on the foundation because steel is reliable, but also light. 

Assemble your workshop

Once you’ve taken care of the foundation, you can assemble your workshop using a steel building kit. After taking care of the secondary frame, windows, doors, and other accessories, you can take care of any needed plumbing, electrical, or HVAC. For electrical work, make sure to wire appropriately or have a professional take care of it. That way, you have enough power for any heavy machinery you may use in your workshop.

A metal workshop is a great way to get more space for your hobbies and DIY projects, so contact California All Steel today to get one delivered to you.

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