4 Benefits of A Metal Carport & Shed Combo on Your Property

So you’re thinking about installing a metal carport to keep your vehicle safe from the elements? Great! But have you considered taking that idea to the next level?

How about a carport and shed combo to provide all the benefits of a metal carport plus the utility of extra storage space that a shed provides?

Whether you already have a metal shed or carport and want to add to it, or you are starting from scratch and weighing up your options, you can get a whole lot for your money by combining your metal buildings!

A metal carport shed combo, or even a metal garage carport combo gives you a ton of options, so let’s take a look at some of the benefits you get for what is, in the grand scheme of things, a small additional investment.

Weather Protection

When it comes to keeping the rain and snow off your car during the fall and winter months or stopping the sun from turning your car into a microwave during the summer, carports provide just the right balance of protection and ventilation.

Because of this, you know you can hop into your car whenever you need to, and it’s ready to drive. No need to run the A/C for 10 minutes or claw chunks of snow off the windshield before you hit the road!

The protection that carports provide also reduces wear and tear, making your vehicle last longer.


Carports are great if you want to protect your vehicles, but they’re not ideal storage buildings. Because carports have at least one open side, they tend to store vehicles and outdoor equipment, like your grill, for example. You can use a carport with storage space for anything that won’t break from getting a little damp.

But, if you were to stick a shed or garage at the end of your carport, you instantly have a solution to your storage problems. Now you can store everything in your shed and keep your carport area clear and accessible.


Again, because carports are open on at least one side, they don’t offer the best security. However, having a metal garage or shed with a lockable door alongside your carport adds a considerable amount of security as well as storage. This means you can keep your more portable possessions secure while enjoying the benefits of a carport for your vehicle.


What sort of a cost could you be looking at for a carport shed combo and all the benefits that come with it?

Likely not as much as you think, especially if you have your carport and shed/garage installed at the same time by the same contractor.

Having both installed simultaneously means you only have to prepare the site once, dig one lot of foundations, seek one set of planning permissions, have one group of contractors visit your property, etc., but you get to enjoy double the benefits!

What’s more, compare the cost of a metal carport and shed combo to a building with brick, wood, or almost any other material, and you’ll find that you save more money by choosing metal.

The installation process will also be quicker, and the buildings will require less maintenance and investment over the long term.

A garage and carport combo is a great way to add storage, security, utility, and protection from the elements to many of your belongings, including your car. And, as is the case for pretty much any additional structure you might want to build, it makes sense to build with metal.

To discuss your carport and shed combo options, speak to California All Steel today or check out our gallery of steel carports with boxed-eave, regular-style roof design, or horizontal roof style. We offer delivery and installation services and pride ourselves on the highest quality in service and steel products. 

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